Coherence in the production of traditional wines full of character, distinctiveness, personality which reflect our territory.
This is Chianti Dianella the history of the estate.


The greatest expression of the terroir through the characteristics of the individual vineyards.


A line of fresh and fragrant wines, easy to drink and suitable for any occasion.


The special character of Dianella takes shapes in its sweet wines.


Centuries-old olive trees, manual harvesting, cold pressing these the secrets of Dianella evo.


A line of cosmetic products with Dianella extra virgin olive oil for the body and personal hygiene.


The must of white and black Dianella grapes for a smooth and hydrated skin.


For body and hair care shower gel and conditioner with grape antioxidants.


Dianella is in Vinci, native town of the genius Leonardo. Vinci is part of the Montalbano area, west of Florence, one of the subzones of Chianti DOCG, characterized by smooth wines with deep flavors.
The ancient Dianella Village dates back to XVI century. It’s made of few houses, the church of “Saint Michaelis de Aliana” and the Villa one of the Medici’s hunting house. Dianella, comes from the name “Diana” hunting’s goddess.
After the Medici the estate became property of the Fucini family. Here the poet Renato Fucini composed most of his works and the wine production was already present at that time.
At the beginning of the 1900 Dianella was bought by the Billeri family till to Conti Passerin d’Entrèves et Courmayeur.
In the past century Dianella wines and especially Chianti was known throughout Italy. During 50s and 60s the ‘Fiasco’ of Dianella was in the most famous italian restaurant, while the bottle did proudly displayed in the menu of the official lunches at the Quirinale (Presidential Palace).


In 2001 Francesco and Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves started a process of recovery of some ancient part of the ‘borgo’ and the development of the estate.
Dianella is a family winery that offers a selection of wines made in respect of the tradition and of the philosophy that the wine must be expression of its “terroir”. The estate has an area of 90 hectares, 26 of vineyards organically managed. The predominant variety is Sangiovese together with Colorino, Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, Vermentino and Orpicchio – native varieties.
The total production is 130.000 bottles. Besides the Chianti, the winery proposes a selection of organic wines with autochthonous variety. A curiosity the names of the IGT wines are inspired by the novels of the writer Renato Fucini.
The winemaking is entrusted by Franco Bernabei.
Products are mostly distributed in Italy and in USA, Asia and North Europe.


Dianella’s cellars run underground for all the extension of the villa and the park. The old cellars were carefully restored respecting the aesthetics and functions of the original nineteenth century rooms, while organizing modern and technologically avant-garde spaces at the same time.
The operative reality interfaces with that of the ancient cellars, transformed in an interesting museum.
Each vineyard plot is harvested separately. Once gathered, the grapes are taken to the vat room in small containers. Vinification takes place in steel vats, enabling careful regulation of the fermentation process and keeping the characteristics of every single vineyard plot separate.
At the end of the fermentation process the wines are transferred to the cement cellar for the second fermentation and then to the aging cellar with various sizes of oak barriques and barrels.
Frequent monitoring accompanies Dianella wines throughout their development right up to their long (sometimes very long) bottle aging in temperature-controlled rooms, before being sent off to their destinations.


La Vigna di Leonardo – Leonardo’s Vineyard – is a tribute to the genius on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death. The Malvasia di Candia scions taken from the vineyard in Milan were planted in Vinci on 2nd May 2019 as a symbol of Leonardo’s passion for the wine and for his native land.


Francesco and Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves


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